Things People Regret After Their Wedding….How to NOT be THAT Couple!

By Party Pros Detroit on October 12, 2015

Let’s face it: we’ve all heard stories about weddings.  “I wish I would’ve done this,” or “I should’ve done that!”  I’m here to help you save yourself from some of these!


  1. Photo/Video:  This is a big one that is multi-faceted.
    1. I wish we had taken MORE photos at our wedding.  We had the time and didn’t use it wisely.  USE YOUR TIME WISELY!  Sometimes people don’t schedule enough time for photos or video and some people (like me) have the time, but don’t use it.
    2. Budget for Photo/Video.  Just because Aunt Sue or Uncle Bob has a quality camera, does NOT mean they should be your photographer OR videographer for the night.  Our staff knows what to do with poor light, too much light, how to shoot into the sun, in the dark, etc.  Same with our videographers.  They also know how to edit the images/videos so they look good.  I had a family member offer to do our wedding video and it’s not watchable.  Don’t let that be your video!
  2. Being tipsy/hungover: This one is two-fold.
    1. Being hungover from the rehearsal the night before is never a good thing for your big day!  Don’t do it!
    2. Being tipsy the day of your big day is also not a great thing!  Remember water is your friend.
  3. Not eating.  Don’t be a hangry person on your big day!  That’s no good for you or anyone else.  Make time to eat.  For some ladies, this is difficult, because you want to fit in your dress (it’ll be fine, one or two meals on your big day isn’t going to hurt) and you’re in a whirlwind, but trust me: EAT!  Passing out during your ceremony is bad!  When dinner is served, EAT IT!  Your guests will still be there when you’re done.
  4. Remembering it’s YOUR day.  It’s super exciting that you’re getting married and EVERYONE you’ve ever known will have an opinion about your big day. It’s important to remember big or small, your day should be YOUR WAY!  This is especially difficult for many people because you don’t want to hurt anyones feelings, but it’s not their wedding, it’s yours!  If you don’t want to throw a bouquet: DON’T.  If you don’t want to wear a dress: DON’T.  It’s really about you and your special someone and what the two of you love.  It’s not about everyone else!
  5. The budget!  Knowing where to spend and what to spend it on.  A lot of couples wish they’d had spent less on the dress/flowers/cake/decor and more on the DJ/Photo/Video.   Fun and memories make sense to me!  All jokes aside, a great friend of ours had an over-the-top wedding with all the bells and whistles and her biggest regret?  Spending $10,000 on her dress!  I nearly died.  On the other hand, I did all of our decor, flowers and printing with the help of my mom to save money for a grand honeymoon.  Speaking of….
  6. The Honeymoon.  Are you heading to Hurricane Alley during hurricane season?  Plan accordingly.  We got married in August, so we were right in the thick of hurricane season and the day of our wedding, our honeymoon was canceled due to a GIANT hurricane wiping out part of Mexico.  I was getting my hair done when I got the call.  So on the night of our wedding, he was looking up places to go and I wrote all of our Thank You cards.  It wasn’t the worst thing to happen.  We ended up with 2 Honeymoons!  Just things to think about and consider in planning.  I have also had couples hold off on their honeymoons for a couple weeks or months until it suits their calendars, wallets or the season better.  Do what makes sense!
  7. The First Dance.  Pick a song that means something.  No one said it had to be slow.  If you love a 7 minute song, but don’t want to dance for 7 minutes, tell us, we can fade it out!  No one needs to know.  If you hate to dance, this is key.  This also reverts back to #4 and remembering it’s your day.  We picked a lovely song, we both liked it, but it felt like we were dancing forever!  We should’ve practiced beforehand and cut it down!  (Even DJ’s make mistakes at their weddings!)
  8. The Cleanup!  Who’s going to clean up the church (or ceremony site) and hall?  Are you?  It’s important to designate people to do this on your big day so you don’t have to.   I likened myself to a superhero and we did everything!  Would I do it all again?  NOPE.  Designate helpers.  It’s a long, beautiful, happy day!

I’m hoping these few tips help make things a little easier for you or someone you know.  It’s about you as a couple, embrace each other and just know something may and probably will go wrong and that’s okay, because you have each other!

Here’s a photo from our wedding.


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