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Videography services features

  • High Definition
  • DVD or Flash Drive (Your choice)
  • Online planning worksheets
  • Cinematic editing

Party Pros Detroit Cinematography takes a cinematic look at wedding videography. Our video staff shoots and edits in HD video to give you the look and feel of a movie. Videography is one of the best possible ways to capture your special day. A Party Pros Detroit wedding video records all the detail that is missed between photographs, as well as the emotion and joy of the day. We work with each client to create a storyboard that conveys the look, mood and feel of your day down to the very last detail. Our staff’s state of the art equipment creates a video that immerses the watcher magically into each moment.


Frequently asked Questions

How long until I can expect to receive the completed DVDs?
You should expect to receive it within 4 months of your wedding day.

How long should I book a wedding videographer for?
It really depends on how much of the day you want to have on video, and how much time each section of the day is planned to take. We recommend booking for the whole wedding – in the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Picture yourself after the wedding – you don’t want to look back, wishing you had gotten that extra special footage of the bride’s preparation, the bride and groom’s first dance together or your guests saying goodbye at the end of the night.

Roughly how long will an edited wedding video run for?
It all depends on how long you get us to film for, and which edit/s you decide to go with. Generally our videos run from 40-60 minutes.

Can we provide our own music to feature in the background of the video?
Yes – we’re more than happy to take suggestions. However, unless it is something extremely special to you, we cannot guarantee that we will use it. Some music just will not work the length of the video we are working with. In addition, not every song can be used, due to copyright and legality issues. Rest assured, we’re good at finding beautiful, licensed music to be used for your video.

We’d like to get our wedding filmed, but the price seems so expensive. Why is this?
Videography is a very time intensive process. From purchasing and maintaining professional level gear (cameras, tripods, audio equipment, lighting…),  transport, preparation (charging batteries, cleaning lenses, clearing cards), filming, editing (downloading footage, watching through, cutting down, choosing music, storytelling, color-grading, touching up, exporting, media creation). Our editors take the time to closely look at every second of footage to adjust for lighting, framing and facial expressions. This attention to detail results in final product that you and yours will want to watch over and over again.



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