Michigan Wedding Photobooth

By Party Pros Detroit on April 30, 2017

When looking for a photobooth in Michigan there are a lots of choices. Rates for photobooths range from $300 to $1500. You should expect to pay around $700 for a professional booth. Some details to look out for in a photobooth are:

Dye sub prints – don’t go for a ink jet printer. Ink jets prints will fade after 9-12 months. After 3 years with an ink jet print your colors will be almost all gone. 

A sleek photobooth design – be careful some photobooths will not give you that sleek professional look you want for your event. There are some photobooths that are simply laptop computer, camera and printer sitting on a table. Party Pros Detroit uses the T-10 Kiosk style photobooths. These booths are sleek, white and have a great design that will work in any decor.

Photobooth software – there are two main players for photobooth (Darkroom booth and Breeze). We use Dark room booth. Darkroom is professional grade and allows the photobooth attendant to edit photobooth strips and the look and feel of the screen on the fly. The software is super robust allowing us to customized every facet of the photobooth experience from timing to colors to social media integration.

We also recommend ensuring that you will get copies of your photos on a flash drive and facebook. Sharing your pics to facebook will keep the party going after the event. Our facebook posts are a great way to share and comment on event pics.

Make sure that your booth includes a knowledgeable attendant that can ensure you guests have a great experience.

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