Ceremony Ideas

By Party Pros Detroit on July 25, 2014

Are you stuck on your ceremony?  Is your ceremony outside?  Afraid of fire?  No need to fear, Party Pros Detroit – Michigan DJ Service is here to help you out!  

If you are looking for a short ceremony, there’s no need to add additional items to your ceremony to make it longer, but if you are looking for something traditional, a twist on tradition, or something a little different – I have things to tell you about!  First there is the traditional Candle Lighting Ceremony.  This is where at the beginning of your ceremony, the mothers (or representatives from each couple) lights a candle.  Towards the end of the ceremony, each of you takes the candle and lights the big Unity Candle, symoblizing coming together as one.  

If you are outside, or afraid of fire, then maybe a Sand Ceremony is better for you.  Pick out some sand that goes with your wedding colors, and you pour them into a bigger jar/container and voila! you have a Sand Ceremony.  

If you are looking for something a little different, a Wine Ceremony is for you!  Take two small containers of wine and then pour into one glass that you then both drink from.  You could also use beer if you are beer lovers, coffee, etc.  

Your wedding ceremony should reflect who you are as a couple, and even if you are traditional, you can put a small spin on tradition and make it your own with a slight change to the Unity Candle.  It will make things truly memorable and unique for you and yours!

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